Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Leesa Renee Hall has helped over 33,000 leaders explore their unconscious biases using her signature process called Explore Biases Now. Author of ten books, Leesa was known as a technology pioneer before turning her attention to disrupting the misinformation hardcoded deep in the mind. I am thrilled to be able to share our important conversation with you this week! 

Today Leesa and I discuss reflective writing and self-reflection as an investment in your own life and your own healing. We explore the topic of stumbling bravely through understanding and processing our humanity. And, finally, we discuss how to stay in the work of unpacking your unconscious biases so you stand with and not for, black, indigenous, and people of color. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Leesa shares how she transitioned from working in tech to questioning her legacy and then moving to help others explore and unpack their unconscious biases. (3:33)
  • By developing a habit around self-reflection, you begin to accept the nuances and complexities within yourself. (11:00)
  • Why there is a disconnect between what we believe versus how we behave. (19:00)
  • Leesa’s work with introverted, highly-sensitive people. (23:07)
  • What happens to your nervous system when unpacking unconscious biases. (27:11)
  • How to begin unpacking your unconscious biases, some first steps you can take. (43:00)
  • Why perfectionism is a tool of white supremacy. (46:53)


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