Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

This week on the YKAL podcast, my guest is Leah Campbell Badertscher. She is a former attorney turned artist and Master Life coach for world-class performers and leaders in the arts, business, and movements in positive change for the social good.

During our conversation, Leah asks simply, “What are you giving up if you don’t go for it?” And that is the question she pondered after graduating law school. In this episode, she shares openly her battle with her inner-critic and how she pushed forward to pursue an artistic career. Her story of wanting to follow a specific path, but experiencing push back from self-talk is common. My hope is that if you see some of yourself in Leah’s story, you will be inspired to take action in your life. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Leah shares her journey from law career to artist. (4:14)
  • Why it is important to not dismiss your intuition and instead listen to what you really want. (11:13)
  • Leah talks about the battle with her inner critic and how she kept going. (24:58)
  • How Leah learned to lean into self-trust. (35:30)
  • Some of the pros and cons of the creative process. (41:26)


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