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Are you a woman who struggles with asking for what you want at work? This week we are talking about some of the things that hold women back in the workplace with guest, Sara Laschever! Sara is an authority on the challenges that shape women’s lives at work. She is the co-author, with Linda Babcock, of Women Don’t Ask, the groundbreaking study that first focused public attention on the forces preventing women from negotiating on their own behalf. I stumbled upon Sara’s work while doing research for my third book and I was fascinated. I am thrilled to have her on the show!

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Some common obstacles women confront in the workplace and some ways in which they can overcome them. (5:35)
  • The impact of subconscious biases on women in the workplace. (13:07)
  • Direct or controlling behavior in men at work will often go unremarked, yet with women, we tend to mark it. (18:12)
  • Some ways in which women can go through the process of evaluating their talents and target what will make their personal and professional lives more fulfilling. (19:31)
  • Why most women find it hard to negotiate their salaries or ask for the things they want. Plus, some small steps they can take towards asking for what they really want.(22:22)
  • Has the culture of work changed? I asked Sara if the struggle with negotiations is more of a Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, or Gen Z generation problem? Listen in to hear her answer. (30:59)


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