Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Dr. Alexandra Katehakis is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Founder of Center for Healthy Sex and she joins me to discuss the topic of healing from love addiction. While love addiction may not be something affecting your life where you need to seek treatment, it could be something to look at in terms of some unhealthy coping mechanisms affecting your life.

We discuss what love addiction is, the root cause (which stems from father abandonment), and what the steps to healing look like. Dr. Alex offers amazing insight and advice about what it means to be a love addict and how to step into recovery. I hope this episode is helpful to you, in some way. 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • What is love addiction? And how it differs between men and women. (5:59)
  • Women struggle with a concept called ‘mother hunger’ and therefore it is crucial for women to find support from other women in order to heal from sex or love addiction. (12:33)
  • The root cause of love addiction. (14:45)
  • There comes a point when we realize we are hurting ourselves, plus why going into the pain (withdrawal) is how we can heal. (18:22)
  • What sobriety looks like for love addicts and some of the first steps someone can take to heal. (22:03)
  • How to assert healthy boundaries for more equal relationships. (35:11)


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