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Ancestors and ancestral healing is a topic I’ve been really curious about lately. And with many topics that pique my interest, I found an expert to bring onto the show to discuss it further. This week, Ash Johns, an international spiritual life coach, and ancestral healer, joins me to discuss ancestral healing, an interesting aspect of personal development.  

Ash Johns is also a conscious business strategist, speaker, and creator of ​Creating Queendoms™, a holistic healing and business development program for visionary femm-preneurs and healers ready to create (or nurture) empires in alignment with their soul's purpose, contribute to healing the world and cultivate generational wealth through their deepest dreams and desires. 

  • Ash starts off with an intention setting practice and then explains how she came to be a spiritual life coach and ancestral healer. (10:02)
  • Ancestral healing and why is it important to our lives. (20:00)
  • The role of a Psychosynthesis Coach and how Ash approaches the work she does. (23:56)
  • The intersection between courage and compassion with your ancestry. (35:00)
  • Some considerations before choosing a spiritual life coach or healer. (37:40)
  • Small steps a woman can take towards their own ancestral healing. (43:52)
  • Energy channeling and clearing - what is it and how it helps. (46:20)
  • Ash’s thoughts on the spirituality of witchcraft. (50:00)


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