Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

There are multiple ways to heal, and you know I love to give you many avenues. This week we are exploring the topic of internal family systems and how this modality can be a powerful lens of healing. Rebecca Ching, our unofficial resident therapist returns to the show to help us understand more about this type of healing. 

Rebecca is a psychotherapist, trauma-informed leadership coach, and host of the Unburdened Leader podcast. She helps established leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the curveballs of life + leadership without sacrificing their health, important relationships, and their business bottom line. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Rebecca shared an in-depth explanation of internal family systems (IFS). (4:47)
  • There are many ways to heal and staying curious about the various methods.(19:04)
  • With IFS all parts are welcome. No judgment. (27:00)
  • Trusting your practitioner and how to break away from a clinician you no longer trust. (30:31)
  • How someone might resolve a common conflict using IFS. (38:40)
  • This is a lifelong practice, it’s not one and done. (47:56)


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