Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

We are kicking off the spirituality and creativity theme of the podcast, whoop! Our first guest is Christina Dunbar, a storyteller, poet, producer, and a doula for women's voices. For the past decade, she's worked as a transformational catalyst, helping women heal voice and visibility wounds through storytelling, writing, and soul work.

In this episode, we have a conversation about sacred archetypes and how they manifest in the lives of women, the fear and vulnerability we feel when using our voice or displaying our creative endeavors, and owning the power of being a woman. Christina is one of my favorite people, especially to see her speak on stage. I really hope you enjoy our conversation.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • The sacred prostitute archetype and how that archetype work in the life of a woman (7:58)
  • Some of the sub archetypes of the good girl and how they come up in terms of visibility and vulnerability with our voice + art  (19:23)
  • Fear around visibility vs. being witnessed (31:05)
  • Shame that comes up for women around their body and sexuality and how that affects their voice and visibility (33:52)


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