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This week Anna Stromquist and Kristina Wiltsee from This Spiritual Fix join me on the show. What caught my attention about their work, on TikTok, of course, is that they talk about primal wounds: abandonment, rejection, injustice and betrayal, and humiliation. I mean, who doesn’t struggle with those, right? I love their work and I am happy to share our conversation with you today.

In case you are new to Anna and Kristina, they are the hosts of the podcast This Spiritual Fix which within just four months of launching hit #2 on the Apple Podcasts Spiritual charts in the USA, and has hit  #1 in a handful of countries and top #100 in over fifty countries.

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • What spirituality mean to Anna and Kristina (7:26)
  • We dive deep into the primal wounds: what they are and how to start and heal them: Abandonment, rejection, injustice, betrayal, and humiliation (11:13)


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