Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Ana Verzone was on the show years ago and she is now back this week to talk about psychedelics and spirituality. We explore the differences between recreational use versus spiritual purposes, the science behind their use, and the benefits of gaining spiritual insight.

Ana Verzone is a Master Life Coach, Altered States Guide, and host of the Rebel Buddhist™ podcast. She is devoted to helping yogis and wanna-be Buddhas create an {unconventional} life of true freedom – inside and out.

We cover: 

  • Why people seek psychedelics for spiritual or mental health (11:33)
  • The difference between recreational use and intentional use (12:17)
  • What qualifies someone to guide someone on psychedelic experiences (15:23)
  • Integration is important following a psychedelic spiritual experience (19:57)
  • Who psychedelics is appropriate for and some reasons that support their use (33:04)
  • Ana answers, “Do you have to do the “hard work” to really get the benefit or spiritual insight?” (32:41)


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