Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

This week our previous series on mental health intersects with our current theme on spirituality.  Shontae Cone, a mental health counselor, energy worker, and psychic, joins me to talk about bodywork, mental health, and healing. Some of Shontae’s specializations include women empowerment, biracial and multi-racial peoples, and highly sensitive people, or empaths. 

The spirituality theme we’ve been exploring has been so much fun for me because this is not my typical area of expertise. I hope you have been enjoying this series as well and equally enjoy this episode!

We cover:

  • The importance of learning to feel our feelings (5:49)
  • How to know the healing work you are doing is effective (13:31)
  • Bodywork: what it is and why it matters (26:09)
  • Shontae answers the question “What do you think about thought work?” (32:10)


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