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*Before we jump into today’s episode, I want to remind you that we have a few spots left for The Daring Way retreat and that registration closes August 19th!*

This week we are exploring deconstruction, creative expression, and spirituality with guest David Hayward. This is the first time we are covering topics like deconstruction and dogma on the show and I hope you find this episode informative and perhaps even a bit healing. 

After 30 years as a pastor, David left his ministry to focus on his work as the Naked Pastor (he’s not literally naked, well, you’ll see). He believes that questions are the answer to authentic growth. It’s why he uses words and images to challenge the status quo, deconstruct dogma, and offer hope for those who suffer under it.

We cover:

  • Deconstruction: what it means, how it feels, and how you can have deconstruction in many areas of your life (5:54)
  • What spiritual abuse looks like (11:38)
  • The importance of accepting the fact that we are free and autonomous (18:46)
  • Advice for those who are questioning their spiritual beliefs and/or living with dogmatic fear (31:30)
  • David talks about using creative expression as a form of healing (36:00)

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