Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Moving on to this week’s show! We are continuing with our self-care theme and welcome guest Christy Tending. Together we talk about sustainable self-care (including what it is and how to practice it) and the decision to live a life of sobriety. Christy shares openly about her decision to stop drinking alcohol, its effects on her life, and the lessons she has learned (even about self-care) from the experience. 

Christy is an activist, educator, and writer. She teaches online courses about sustainable self-care to students all over the world, and hosts the podcast Tending Your Life. Her specialty is helping people dissolve overwhelm, heal burnout, and advocate for themselves.

We cover:

  • The art and practice of sustainable self-care, plus Christy shares her definition of personal self-care (5:27)
  • Slowing down enough to actually hear your real needs (8:08)
  • Christy shares about her activist journey and how it informs her work today (14:03)
  • The difference between self-care and self-advocacy (23:25)
  • How and why Christy decided abstinence from alcohol was better than moderating her drinking (30:43)


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