Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

So far this year we’ve explored podcast themes on mental health, spirituality and creativity, and recently self-care. This week’s guest, Carmen Spagnola can speak on all three topics. She joins me for an enlightening conversation about spirituality, witchcraft, and developing intuition as forms of self-care.

Carmen Spagnola is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef turned trauma recovery practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, and kitchen witch. She is the author of The Spirited Kitchen: Recipes & Rituals for the Wheel of the Year, host of The Numinous Podcast, and founder of The Numinous Network.

We cover:

  • The collective consciousness of witchcraft, being an animist, and what it means to be a feminist witch (7:55)
  • Folk magic: how it is incorporated and ‘woven into everyday life’ (13:28)
  • Nature-based spirituality, wilderness quests, and rites of passage (25:50)
  • How to develop intuition from a trauma-informed attachment perspective (36:36)


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