Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Is there somebody in your life who has really made an impact and you have not expressed that to them? If so, Gina Hamadey joins me to discuss her interesting take on expressing gratitude in a meaningful, yet easy way-- by writing thank you notes! Writing thank you notes to others can be an aspect of taking care of yourself as well as your relationships. 

Gina is the author of the book I Want to Thank You which depicts her year writing 365 thank-you notes to friends, neighbors, family members, mentors, and more (much more!)  Gratitude isn’t a new topic or conversation, but the way Gina talks about it, is unique and one I really wanted to share with you.   

Some other topics we explore:

  • What sparked Gina to write thank you cards every day of the year (9:12)
  • Some small ways you can begin to write thank you notes or go on a gratitude journey of your own (20:48)
  • There are mental blocks and excuses when you attempt to express gratitude, Gina shares ways she overcomes some of them (25:25)
  • It’s never too late to express gratitude (25:52)
  • We are built for connection and expressing gratitude is so important in today's world (35:01)

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