Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Dana LaVoie joins me this week for a conversation on menopause, aging, and your health. Which is fitting since this episode marks the start of our women’s health theme! Woo hoo! In this episode, we discuss how to treat peri-menopause symptoms, manage your hormones, and Dana shares some of the secrets to healthy aging. 

Dana is an Herbalist and Acupuncturist who has spent her career helping women balance their hormones naturally. She wants more women to know how to keep menopause and aging from interfering with their careers, home life, and dreams. 

Some of the topics we explore:

  • Dana answers the question, “How do we know when we are in peri-menopause?” (5:57)
  • The biggest mistake women make in caring for their hormones (15:53)
  • The connection between resilience, burnout, and aging - and why are they all so directly connected to hormones (25:39)
  • Getting on a good plan for managing your hormones helps with stress, anxiety, and brain function (36:57)
  • Hormone "leaks" - what they are and how to address them (38:00)


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