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This week we are talking about periods and women’s health!  Dr. Saru Bala joins me to talk about what’s normal when it comes to period pain, what we are supposed to track (and why), what causes PMS, and more! 

Dr. Bala is a licensed naturopathic doctor specializing in women's hormonal health. As I mentioned in a previous episode, I believe that if we don’t have our physical health together, it is really hard to focus on our mental health. I hope you enjoy this episode and my conversation with Dr. Bala!!

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Some of the topics Dr. Bala and I discuss in this episode include: 

  • What is normal in terms of period pain, cramps, and bloating (4:01)
  • The causes of PMS and why women have it worse than others (14:48)
  • The main things that women should track for their period (20:41)
  • Some of the effects of birth control on women’s health and bodies and why Dr. Bala doesn’t like the idea of using birth control for the treatment of hormonal or health issues (22:41)


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