Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Today we’ve got another great guest and awesome show for you. She is a self-described “sensitive bad ass” who has made friends with fear and shares that friendship with you on her web site, Who is Ch!ck?. She is the one and only Kai Soremaken.

Kai and I have similar stories and experiences: we were both in awful relationships, and yet we both turned our lives around. For Kai the turning point was when her ex (whom she refers to as MF, I’ll let you figure out what that stands for!) held her at knifepoint for an entire evening.

With the help of a friend and Kai’s brother, she was able to get away and give herself enough space and time to rebuild her shattered self-esteem. Her MF did come back, but she had healed enough that she could say no way, and she did.

But that was just the beginning of her journey. She felt incredibly angry for the next year at her ex until she had an epiphany while at the gym. Her ah-ha moment was understanding she was responsible for her life, including being in that relationship. That was it, she was done blaming him and she took the reigns of her own well-being, healing and happiness.

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