Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Hi! So, I’ve been keeping a huge secret. And that secret is that How to Stop Feeling Like Shit has been updated and is being RE-RELEASED next month! 🎉🎉🎉

The original version came out in 2018 and a lot has happened since then, am I right? The civil unrest of 2020, COVID-19, and a bigger conversation around toxic positivity left me itching to update our beloved HTSFLS, so when I asked the publisher…they said YES! 

Every chapter has updates and I can’t wait for you to read them (or listen, if you prefer audiobook, which yes, those updates will be in the audiobook too)! 

We have some amazing bonuses and giveaways planned, so head over HERE to pre-order and grab those! I’d be honored if you were one of the FIRST to purchase this new updated version, which will ship on or around December 27th. 

In this minisode, I talk about the origins of the book, the journey this book has been on over the last half-decade, and what you can expect in this new version. Oh, and I tell you all about the BONUSES! 

Thank you so much for listening and supporting HTSFLS!


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