Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Today we’ve got another great episode for you with my long-time friend and super awesome all-around woman, Kate Courageous. Kate is a coach, writer and speaker who teaches people about working with fear, how to practice with courage in the face of fear.

I brought Kate on because this topic is ever-present for most of us and something I continue to be committed to working on in my own life, and sharing that journey with all of you. Too often we think we’re being courageous by doing everything on our own and “handling” our problems by ourselves because we don’t want to bother or burden others. This is you, right? Thought so!

Although Kate now teaches that these are just voices in our heads, and we must do what’s contrary to them in order to grow. Kate teaches, and I concur, that it’s when we ask for others’ support that we are most courageous.

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