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Earlier this year I was having a conversation with someone about  The Daring Way program which is an intense, 5 month 1:1 coaching program. During our conversation she’d said she wanted to go deep. She told me all the dreams she had for her life. She said she was ready to dive in.

Then she emailed me to ask about a shorter program and that she didn’t have time for the intensive work.

Then I felt my head explode.


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Hello there ass kicker!

Today’s guest on the YKAL podcast is waaaay overdue. Amy Ahlers, author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves is here to talk to us about all things inner mean girl!

We all love formulas and processes and Amy has come up with a 3-step process for transforming your inner mean girl, which she talks about in the episode. 

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Welcome to another episode of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast. Today I’ve got my first duo: Alison and Michelle of Soul Camp!


Alison is a body confidence coach with a background in communication design, nutrition and Reiki. She’s also an expert logo and brand designer for soul-centered businesses; she’s been making all the new images for this show.


Michelle grew up on a nature preserve, where her mother created and ran a spiritual retreat community. She’s long been committed to living a conscious, healthy, awakened life. She and Alison have combined their talents and passions to create Soul Camp, a multi-day and multi-night event that’s like a woo-woo sleepaway camp for grown-ups!



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