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Hey Ass kickers!

Welcome to episode 65 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Today we’ve got a topic I’m super excited to dive into and share with you: healing through creativity.

And we have a very special guest to share her wisdom on this subject: Rachael Rice. Rachael is an artist, writer, teacher, and speaker who travels the world performing and creating non-stop like a BOSS. She believes and teaches others to express themselves, and embrace the healing that happens in the process.

On today’s show we talk about why it’s so hard for us to be still (eek!), why humans are meaning-making machines (and how to deal with it) and how to redefine and understand yourself as a creative being.

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I do my best to listen when I hear the universe speaking to me. For one, I know I was put on this earth to teach and inspire. One of those things is to teach people how to love themselves. And I’ll be honest- when I went into business for myself and followed my intuition that told me to teach about self-love, I had this belief that self-love is a hard sell. In the beginning I had this made up notion that people only wanted solutions to 3 things:

How to be thin.
How to find their soul mates.
How to have more money.

The end.

Self love didn’t fit anywhere into that equation for people looking for what made them happy. Unless I was selling those three things, I was doomed as an entrepreneur.

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Welcome to episode 63 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! I’m thrilled to bring you this episode with life coach, master communicator and my very best friend, Amy E. Smith. Amy hosts a podcast called The Joy Junkie with her hubs, Mr. Smith. On the podcast and in her business Amy helps people find their voice, and stand up for themselves (without being a dick).

I brought her on the show to talk about self-love: what it is and how to practice it no matter who you are or where you are in your life. We get into the common misconceptions and pitfalls about self-love, why loving yourself actually helps you change your life and why choosing self-love is a daily practice.

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I may very well be pissing off the personal development Gods today, but bear with me.

If you dabble in self-help at all, you’ve probably heard the advice of not taking things personally. If you’re new to this advice or need some clarification, what the message is saying is: If you take the words and actions of others personally, it’s easy to fall into the victim role, spend your life chasing approval from others, and just generally making everything about you when it isn’t. I totally get that and agree.

But, here’s what I don’t like and what I take issue with. People hear this advice and look at it as being very black or white. Either we don’t take things personally at all and feel good about ourselves, or we do take things personally and live in this hellfire and brimstone world of damnation where we are victims and prey to others. Yes, that was dramatic, but sometimes self-help can be make people feel like YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

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