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There are multiple ways to heal, and you know I love to give you many avenues. This week we are exploring the topic of internal family systems and how this modality can be a powerful lens of healing. Rebecca Ching, our unofficial resident therapist returns to the show to help us understand more about this type of healing. 

Rebecca is a psychotherapist, trauma-informed leadership coach, and host of the Unburdened Leader podcast. She helps established leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the curveballs of life + leadership without sacrificing their health, important relationships, and their business bottom line. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Rebecca shared an in-depth explanation of internal family systems (IFS). (4:47)
  • There are many ways to heal and staying curious about the various methods.(19:04)
  • With IFS all parts are welcome. No judgment. (27:00)
  • Trusting your practitioner and how to break away from a clinician you no longer trust. (30:31)
  • How someone might resolve a common conflict using IFS. (38:40)
  • This is a lifelong practice, it’s not one and done. (47:56)


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How can you have more tools to become the best version of yourself? Well, today we are going to find out how Human Design can help you get there. Erin Claire Jones is a guide, coach, and speaker who uses Human Design to help thousands of individuals and companies step into their work and their lives as their truest selves and to their highest potential.

Human Design was a new topic to me and I had so many questions for Erin! Together, we explored the different Human Design types, ways of making decisions, strategies, and more. Erin even read my Human Design chart and shared some specific insight into my true self. She provided practical tools and suggestions so you can integrate them into your own life too, plus how you can learn about your own Human Design. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Erin describes Human Design and how understanding your design gives you permission to be who you are. (4:12)
  • Human Design can help you in your day-to-day life, Erin explains how. (8:33)
  • The five different types of Human Design. (11:07)
  • The different ways of making decisions using your inner authority. (21:58)
  • Using Human Design as a tool for high performance and understanding what aspects of your design are getting you off track. (26:53)
  • Some strategies to help overcome dark spots or shadows in your life. (28:43)
  • How women can use Human Design to make full-bodied choices. (37:30)

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Are you a woman who has trouble listening to their intuition and has unresolved trauma? This week, Lara Riggio joins me to discuss using energy work to heal from trauma. She says that moving these emotions through the body is key and explains how energy healing versus talk therapy can help. 

Lara is an Energy Intuitive. Her videos, classes, and sessions have helped tens of thousands discover and heal the mind/body, ancestral, and past life blocks that sabotage health and happiness. Enjoy our conversation. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • I start the episode off by sharing the strategies I use to combat anxiety thought-spirals. (2:39)
  • How Lara helps clients create a safe space to work through unresolved trauma. (10:38)
  • Using energy healing to address trauma and how it helps you to retrain your reaction to it. (13:29)
  • Some tell-tale signs someone needs to seek out a trauma therapist. (19:45)
  • Reprogramming your response to triggers. Being present to the feelings you are feeling and teaching yourself to keep yourself safe. (34:16)
  • What is happening biologically when you are triggered. (29:40)
  • Making decisions with greater clarity during times of anxiety. (37:59)


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Ancestors and ancestral healing is a topic I’ve been really curious about lately. And with many topics that pique my interest, I found an expert to bring onto the show to discuss it further. This week, Ash Johns, an international spiritual life coach, and ancestral healer, joins me to discuss ancestral healing, an interesting aspect of personal development.  

Ash Johns is also a conscious business strategist, speaker, and creator of ​Creating Queendoms™, a holistic healing and business development program for visionary femm-preneurs and healers ready to create (or nurture) empires in alignment with their soul's purpose, contribute to healing the world and cultivate generational wealth through their deepest dreams and desires. 

  • Ash starts off with an intention setting practice and then explains how she came to be a spiritual life coach and ancestral healer. (10:02)
  • Ancestral healing and why is it important to our lives. (20:00)
  • The role of a Psychosynthesis Coach and how Ash approaches the work she does. (23:56)
  • The intersection between courage and compassion with your ancestry. (35:00)
  • Some considerations before choosing a spiritual life coach or healer. (37:40)
  • Small steps a woman can take towards their own ancestral healing. (43:52)
  • Energy channeling and clearing - what is it and how it helps. (46:20)
  • Ash’s thoughts on the spirituality of witchcraft. (50:00)


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