Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

We are switching gears on the podcast and entering our next theme all around self-care. This particular group of interviews is a mix of the many different ways to take care of someone very important in your life: YOU!  Paula Jenkins returns to the show to kick off the series with a conversation about how to bring more joy into our lives. 

Fittingly, Paula is on a mission to spread more joy in the world. She is a podcast producer and certified life coach, and the author of Jump Start Your Joy: Heart-Centered Ways to Find Joy in the Messy Middle.  

We cover:

  • What Paula means when she talks about, "finding joy in the messy middle." (7:15)
  • How following joy changed Paula’s life completely, after getting a diagnosis of post partum PTSD (12:28)
  • What it looks like when someone chooses joy (20:29)
  • Paula describes what it’s like being a trained labyrinth facilitator (what?!) (35:23)
  • The different types of joy, including "Bed in a Bag" versions of joy and what they have to teach us (25:30)


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