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Dr. Ellen Vora is on the show this week to share several holistic approaches to the treatment of anxiety. Ellen is a holistic psychiatrist, acupuncturist, and yoga teacher. She takes a functional medicine approach to mental health—considering the whole person and addressing imbalance at the root.

In this episode, we talk about whether or not we are experiencing an anxiety epidemic, strategies for addressing anxiety, the difference between “false” and “true” anxiety, and so much more.  I am beyond excited to introduce you to her. She is so smart and has a wealth of information. I had so many questions for her. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did! 

Some other topics we explore:

  • The cause of the anxiety epidemic (10:15)
  • Ellen talks about her approach to defining anxiety, “false anxiety” and some strategies for addressing it (13:43)
  • The connection between hormones, birth control, and mood regulation (18:06)
  • The role of psychedelics in treating anxiety and the mystical experience hypothesis (23:14)
  • Ellen shares her controversial views on sunshine, why our bodies benefit from the sun, and some healthy ways to get sun exposure (31:00)
  • How we can realistically improve our sleep and why is scrolling on our phones at night relevant to anxiety (42:42)
  • Ellen’s hot-take on the effects of nutrient-dense diets on post-partum depression and anxiety (51:50)


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You know how I love exploring different modalities for self-care and healing, right? This week, Stephanie Kwong joins me to talk about the Rapid Rewire Method. Stephanie has worked as a Subconscious Rewiring coach, Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Facilitator, and teacher of Self-Love, and now she’s serving her divine calling as the Co-Founder of the Rapid Rewire Method (RRM).

Rapid Rewire is a method that helps you clear the issue you are facing, as opposed to simply learning how to cope with it. It answers the question, “How can we be more efficient with our healing process?” Stephanie and I also discuss the importance of self-love and how loving yourself can make a difference in your life. 

We talk about:

  • We take a deep dive into the Rapid Re-Wire Method, including what it is and what makes it different from healing modalities (7:48)
  • Why self-love is important and how loving yourself can make such a difference in your life (39:50)
  • What self-love actually looks like. Plus, Stephanie shares the pillars of self-love (40:29)


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Today’s short minisode is about the thoughts I’ve had over the last couple of weeks as my salt and pepper hair continues to grow out. I know, it might sound trite and boring, but I do spend a decent amount of time thinking about the journey of aging in a culture that is obsessed with youth and beauty. 

In this minisode, I pose a question of curiosity for you. Not to tell you how you should age (dye your hair? Get botox?), but more importantly, getting clear on WHY you’re making the decisions you are. 



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So far this year we’ve explored podcast themes on mental health, spirituality and creativity, and recently self-care. This week’s guest, Carmen Spagnola can speak on all three topics. She joins me for an enlightening conversation about spirituality, witchcraft, and developing intuition as forms of self-care.

Carmen Spagnola is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef turned trauma recovery practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, and kitchen witch. She is the author of The Spirited Kitchen: Recipes & Rituals for the Wheel of the Year, host of The Numinous Podcast, and founder of The Numinous Network.

We cover:

  • The collective consciousness of witchcraft, being an animist, and what it means to be a feminist witch (7:55)
  • Folk magic: how it is incorporated and ‘woven into everyday life’ (13:28)
  • Nature-based spirituality, wilderness quests, and rites of passage (25:50)
  • How to develop intuition from a trauma-informed attachment perspective (36:36)


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Moving on to this week’s show! We are continuing with our self-care theme and welcome guest Christy Tending. Together we talk about sustainable self-care (including what it is and how to practice it) and the decision to live a life of sobriety. Christy shares openly about her decision to stop drinking alcohol, its effects on her life, and the lessons she has learned (even about self-care) from the experience. 

Christy is an activist, educator, and writer. She teaches online courses about sustainable self-care to students all over the world, and hosts the podcast Tending Your Life. Her specialty is helping people dissolve overwhelm, heal burnout, and advocate for themselves.

We cover:

  • The art and practice of sustainable self-care, plus Christy shares her definition of personal self-care (5:27)
  • Slowing down enough to actually hear your real needs (8:08)
  • Christy shares about her activist journey and how it informs her work today (14:03)
  • The difference between self-care and self-advocacy (23:25)
  • How and why Christy decided abstinence from alcohol was better than moderating her drinking (30:43)


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🎉BOOK GIVEAWAY 🎉It’s my Book Baby’s birthday! 

Head on over to my Instagram to enter to win one of three personalized, signed copies of Make Some Noise, which came out ONE YEAR AGO! 

Since we’re on the theme of self-care, I thought it might be helpful to start with the basics. How is self-care defined? What does it actually mean and look like?  I looked to the World Health Organization to help define it. 

After that, I talk about barriers to self-care; some of which pertain specifically to women. 

Lastly, I talk about how to get some support here, as well as where to start with your self-care. 

Yours in awkward sign-offs, 


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