Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Angela Jia Kim is my guest this week! We are talking about radical self-love, the power that can be found in feminine energy, and self-care rituals. Angela is a former concert pianist and founder of Savor Beauty + Spa, a Manhattan-based skincare and spa brand inspired by Korean beauty rituals. She’s also the author of Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty, and Joy. I really think you are going to love her work, and this conversation, as much as I did! 

Some other topics we explore:

  • Awakening and connecting with your feminine energy (5:22)
  • How divorce helped Angela deepen her self-love and embrace a healthy dating mindset in her 40s (13:25)
  • Self-love starts with one small change like taking five minutes at night to wash your face (17:20)
  • Tips for planning self-care sabbaticals, self-love adventures, and inspiration getaways that restore your skin and your soul (30:03)
  • Angela discusses how she went from a solo concert pianist to founding Savor Beauty + Spa (38:16)


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