Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

The new and updated version of How to Stop Feeling Like Shit is officially OUT NOW! Get your copy (make sure you look for the YELLOW cover) and all your bonuses HERE! 🎉 

We had our first ever, in the history of almost 500 episodes and 9 years of podcasting, a live AMA call recording! 

Emily, who’s been on team Your Kick-Ass Life/Andrea Owen for TEN YEARS, co-hosted with me, and we answered some listener questions and they did not disappoint!  

Cathryn asks about how to overcome the fear of success, Renee asks about any upcoming writing classes, and Kaleelah asks about friendships, just to name a few of the questions asked! 

I also reveal in this episode one of my biggest fears or “neuroses” as my therapist calls them, and l invite you to listen in to see if it's one of your fears too. ;) 

At the end, Emily chose Danelle as the winner of the new edition of How To Stop Feeling Like Shit, congratulations, Danelle!

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