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We’ve made it to Episode 500! This week I welcome Kimberly Johnson for a conversation about somatic experiences for healing, the practice of sexological bodywork, and the fourth trimester of motherhood. We also discuss discerning between being proactive versus reactive in life and activating what Kimberly refers to, in her work, as the “Inner Jaguar.”. 

Kimberly is a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, postpartum advocate, birth doula, author, and single mom. 

Some of the topics we explore include:

  • Somatic Experiencing: what it is, how to find a practitioner, and some tools women can use to heal (4:18)
  • Activating your “Inner Jaguar” is not about being an Alpha female, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin, helping you to go after what you want or don’t want, and letting go rather than burnout (10:18)
  • What is sexological bodywork?
  • The fourth trimester of motherhood and why is it important for women/mothers to shift their experience of being and mothering (17:09)
  • “What you need post-partum is also what this culture needs to move in a direction that actually honors life.” (38:00)
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