Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

This week, Dr. Teralyn joins me to discuss what she believes is the missing link for improving mental health. Together we also explore brain health and talk about topics related to health autonomy, including taking a functional medicine approach to your health and more. 

Dr. Teralyn has been practicing as a therapist for almost 2 decades. It wasn't until she went into private practice that she noticed clients (primarily women) were getting sicker and sicker despite therapy and medication. Listen as she helps us to think about our health in a broader way and encourages us to uncover the root of the issues to help us feel better.

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • Some of the things women have been told about their health when they try to seek help (5:50)
  • What is stress? What is emotional stress versus physiological stress? (9:49)
  • Staggering statistics about women's prescriptions for depression/anxiety and even menopause that we may not know about (10:46)
  • What is brain health and how we can maintain it (29:40)
  • Four of the most helpful things a person can do to take charge of their mental well-being: eat, sleep, move, and meditate (40:19)


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