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Welcome to episode 89 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast. I am always excited to share our guest with you and today is no exception. The powerhouse woman joining us is an inspirational catalyst, best-selling author and is widely known as the Queen of Self-Love: Ms. Christine Arylo. Christine is here to talk about her passionate mission to create a new reality for women and girls: one of self-love and true feminine power. Her teachings have been shared far and wide through such mediums as ABC, FOX, CBS, WGN, Huffington Post and more (including TedX!). On this episode we explore exactly what self-love is and what it’s not, why and how she began this journey in the first place, and also how to embrace the choice and the practice of self-love in your daily life. We also talk about cheese. Seriously. But, just for a minute.

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If you’ve been on the Internet at all the past few years, you’ve surely seen a rise in personal empowerment. Which makes someone like me ecstatic, because I love that more and more people are working on themselves, not to mention this is how I make my living.


However, like many trends out there, I see an unintended downside. Here’s what it looks like:


People start reading self-help, attend a workshop, or hire a 1:1 coach to help them live their best life. And they walk into these endeavors with the end goal that sounds like this:


“I want to wake up every morning, jump out of bed and love the shit out of my life. I won’t let anything or anyone get me down. Good vibes only!” #blessed

When I see leaders in the industry making these promises for people, I cringe. Surely people understand this isn’t an everyday thing, right?

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Welcome to episode 87 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast. I’m super happy you’re here for this show because today’s guest is an expert on a topic I get asked about all the time: work-life balance!

Dr. Jaime Kaluga is a licensed mental health counselor and a certified professional coach. She is an author whose work has appeared in issues of Glamour, Self and many other nationally-recognized publications. She is also an inspirational speaker and a woman on a mission! She has dedicated her life to helping women find balance and fulfillment in their lives.

During our conversation we talk about what work-life balance actually means, how perfectionism stops us from achieving that balance, and how emotions throw us off balance and what to do about it.

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Preface: for the sake of this post and my point, I’m going to be very generalized here. I understand not all people and relationships are like this. I understand you may be the exception, but please bear with me...

I, in no way, shape, or form consider myself a relationship expert. That’s not specifically what I help women with, so I don’t typically write or talk about it. I do have lots of experience in relationships-- both failed and successful ones (okay, one successful relationship).

And having lots of failed relationships and then a successful one, I can tell you the key to making that shift:

Looking at my own shit, dealing with it, healing it, and repeating that process over and over.

What I see many women do (my former self included) is this:

You’re in a relationship and you’re not happy. It doesn’t matter what the specific problem is.
You break up with or divorce your partner.
You find a new partner, everything is great for a few months.
Then things go to shit.
You can’t figure out what’s wrong with the guys you pick. It’s the “same shit, different guy” syndrome.

The common denominator in all the failed relationships is you. Along with your beautiful self, you’re bringing all the unresolved issues from your childhood and past relationships. All your insecurities and pain. We all have it, none of us are exempt. But also, we all have the opportunity to look at it, own what’s ours and not our partners, work on healing it so we can be better humans to the people we care about.

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Hey Ass-kickers!


Welcome to episode 85 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast. Returning veteran of the show, my best friend and yours, Amy E. Smith is here to talk about the all-important art of standing up for yourself without being a dick!

If you haven’t heard Amy before or have forgotten her background she is a certified confidence coach, podcaster, renowned speaker, and personal empowerment expert. Through all of her endeavors she helps people find their voice using her particular brand of wit, wisdom and irreverence.

On today’s episode we delve into how to listen to the stories being told by your inner critic  (or as Amy calls it, your inner sh*t talker), what unwanted identities are, why all of us have them and what to do about it.

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I’ve heard many times as a helping professional, “How many sessions do I need with you?” or “How long will it take me to get better?” To be honest, that’s always a red-flag. When I hear these questions I know the well-meaning potential client wants me to fix them. Wants me to do some voodoo magic where I take away their pain so they can skip into the sunset and feel immune to the pain of the world.


And the obvious truth is: I can’t. No one can.

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The women that come to me for help are always very similar. They’re smart, high-achieving and if you met her, you’d think she has a great life. She’s busy and being pulled in many different directions. She feels like she blinked and turned 30...then 40...and maybe closing in on 50. She’s looked around and realized how hard she’s worked for everything she’s got, but deep down feels




Maybe you are her.

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Hey Ass-kickers!


Welcome to episode 82 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast. As always I’m thrilled you are here and honored to bring you another show. Today is something we’ve never done before: one of my clients talks about her experience completing Brenè Brown’s The Daring Way program. I wanted Jen on because for you to hear from “the average Jane”-- a woman just like you who is doing The Work and for you to be inspired from a woman who’s changed her life.


Jen is woman like many of you: a working mom and a self-motivated go-getter who sets and achieves goals for herself. But she felt like something was missing; she was caught in a comparison trap and realized she had to do something about it. She sought coaching and after an initial consultation she opted to work with me.


On today’s episode Jen shares the power available using The Daring Way methods and what doing so has meant for her relationship with herself and in her life.

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Hey Ass-kickers!


Welcome to episode 81 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast. Happy new year and thank you for being here. As always I’m ecstatic to bring you this show!


I don’t bring you too much woo-woo here at YKAL, but today we’re veering off into a woo-woo topic called family constellation therapy. I met our guest, Natalie Berthold, at Soul Camp last year and after being powerfully moved by her session I had to have her on the show and to share her with you!


Natalie joins us to explain what family constellation therapy is and what its origins are, how she became a believer and a practitioner and how healing our relationship with our mother with this therapy can give us freedom in every other area of our lives.

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I have a client, we’ll call her Stacy, who got a really difficult assignment from me recently. I asked her to sit with joy.

You may be wondering why that’s so difficult. I mean, isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that why people hire life coaches in the first place? To find and feel joy?

Let me explain. The women that come to me for help are serious go-getters. They are extremely good at doing things for everyone else, but putting themselves last. They do one project and are on to the next. They set enormously high expectations of themselves which they can rarely reach (and if they do reach them, it’s at a huge cost and mostly because it matters what others think of them) if they ever reach the expectations at all. They struggle with perfectionism, people pleasing, isolating, and the need for certainty and control.

And why do they act that way?

They act that way because the other way of being— standing up for themselves, being imperfect, saying no, letting go of outcomes— all require being vulnerable. And being vulnerable has an unstable outcome, and possibly a painful one (like failure), so they just don’t. They do what they know to stay safe. In their minds they protect themselves. Vulnerability is just not a way of being for them.

So, what does this have to do with joy?


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Hey Ass-kickers!


Welcome to episode 79 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Thank you so much for being here and joining our guest for today’s show, Tara Mohr. Tara is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. She is the author of Playing Big and is the creator of the leadership program for women of the same name.


Tara holds an MBA from Stanford and an undergraduate degree from Yale; she is a Coaches Training Institute-certified coach who helps women play bigger and share their voices in work and in life. She’s been featured in The New York Times, on the Today Show and in the Harvard Business Review. Her fans include Jillian Michael, Maria Shriver and Elizabeth Gilbert!


On today’s show we talk about dealing with your inner critic, some of her 10 rules for brilliant women and how to decipher the stories we make up versus what actually happened in our lives.


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Welcome to episode 78 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! As always I’m excited you are here and so happy to bring you our guest: Ms. Jamie Mendell.


Jamie is a health and lifestyle coach who helps women master their lives by diving deep into self-care healing, with a particular focus on food and body issues. She’s a regular contributor to Women’s Health and Huffington Post.


On today’s show Jamie shares with us her decade-long struggle with food, dieting/bingeing and her weight, and how she finally made a lasting change. She talks about what self-care actually means (it’s not just manis and pedis!), the healing power of self-care, and how she got real and got vulnerable with the people in her life.

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Hey Ass-kickers!


Welcome to episode 77 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Today I’ve brought you yet another amazing guest, Megan Hale. Megan is a retired psychotherapist, enoughness coach and women’s leadership mentor. She advocates courageous, authentic living and helps her clients break free from limiting personal beliefs to live brave, whole lives.  

Megan joins us to discuss her courageous and powerful journey to being who she is today and what she’s doing, the concept of worthiness, and her 5 steps to having enough and staying enough!

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Hey Ass-kickers!

Welcome to episode 76 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! I’m excited - as always - to bring you today’s guest, Terri Cole, whom I met and bunked with at Soul Camp. Terri joins us to talk about getting her PhD in fear via two life-changing experiences, and how she found freedom from that fear for herself and is sharing it with the world today.


Terri is a licensed therapist, transformation coach and de facto expert on turning fear into freedom. For nearly two decades she’s worked to help celebrities, athletes and everyday people redesign their limiting beliefs to create extraordinary lives.

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Hey Ass-kickers!


Welcome to episode 75 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Today we have yet another amazing guest: Rebekah Borucki, or Bex as she likes to be called. Bex is the founder of Bex’s Life and The Blissed-In Movement; she’s also the mother of 5 kids (!), a popular YouTuber, TV host, yoga and meditation expert, Hay House author, and birth doula.


This powerhouse woman is here to talk about using meditation for exploration and for self-care, how to find the joy in everything we do (even the things we dread doing) and why living authentically is such a powerful example to set for everyone in our lives.

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Two weeks ago I posted a personal story of mine that walked you through the decade of my 20’s. 

What I want to talk about specifically in this post is the topic of personal responsibility. I mentioned it in that post and also wrote a more specific post about that a few weeks prior.

There's a common misconception around personal responsibility and that is that taking responsibility for one's actions and mistakes equals self-blame. That in order to take responsibility, we must blame ourselves for the behaviors and actions we have taken that we're not proud of and subsequently feel like shit.

Bottom line: this is not true. It doesn’t have to be black or white.

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Hey Ass kickers!

Welcome to episode 73 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! My friend, fellow life coach and therapist Dr. Eris is here with us today. Some of you may recognize her, she’s been featured with Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, NPR, Entertainment Tonight, and she’s also a star of Bravo's LA Shrinks television show. She’s also the author of Emergency Break-up.

On this edition of the show we talk about real sh*t that matters! Dr. Eris gets real about what her relationships were like before her marriage, why rock bottom is a great place to start, and how to keep the sexy in your marriage even with young kids around.

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Preface: I got this email awhile back from an ass kicker:

“The first podcast I heard from you, you seemed like a perky, outgoing blonde – and these are all great things, but I must admit, when looking at you, we might think “oh, she’s never been through anything. Yeah, she has great things to say, but does she know what this is like?” ….and then upon listening further, I learned your earlier life actually very much mirrors my own. It was not only comforting but also a lesson learned about first impressions.” -YKAL blog reader


I’ve been sitting on this blog post/podcast episode for months now, unpublished. It’s a huge part of my story, what went on in my 20′s emotionally that led me to my big breakdown/breakthrough in 2006. I’ve hesitated to take the leap and publish it because it’s long, it’s probably the most imperfect piece of writing I’ve ever written, but mostly because every time I take a giant leap into vulnerability I still hear the voice of “OMG what will people think of you?”

But, the truth is (and I know this from experience…and science) is that we all have a painful story. And the more we abandon it and keep it locked up the more painful it is and it helps no one. And really, that’s just shitty.

What I know for sure is that we can’t bury our stories alive and expect them to die. They don’t. Trust me, I’ve tried.

I feel lucky to get to share my stories here. Sometimes scared, but still lucky. Thank you for allowing me to do so.


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Hey Ass kickers!


Welcome to episode 71 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Our amazing guest for this show is Jen Sincero, a New York Times best-selling author, renowned speaker and success coach.


From helping people find their soulmate to negotiating million dollar deals to writing best-selling books of their own, she’s helped people around the world transform their personal and professional lives.


On today’s edition we talk about the power of surrender, why creativity isn’t limited to just art, and powerful exercises to get clear on who you are and why you’re here.

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Shame seems to be a buzzword these days, isn’t it? And it’s a good thing-- people talking more about the things that hold them back and keep them unhappy.

But, what I see over and over again are women saying, “I get and love when you talk about the inner-critic, perfectionism, and even not feeling good enough...but I don’t get the whole ‘shame’ thing and I don’t think I actually have any”.

And I get it. I think we might think of people walking around with shame that have done unthinkable things. Caught embezzling money from their church and the whole congregation knows. Caught having an affair with their psychiatrist and people are whispering around town about it. Or the kid whose mom is an alcoholic and comes drunk to the school play, things like that. But, what I’ve come to know, is that shame is much more common than we think and most of the time, shame happens in much smaller scenarios. And I hate to break it to those of you that think you’re the exception to shame, but ALL of us have it.

And if we’re not facing and claiming that we have shame, processing it, and learning how to move through it, then shame is owning us and we’re in a constant state of running from it.

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Hey Ass kickers!

Welcome to episode 69 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Today’s show has already become one of my personal favorites, I’m so excited to bring it to you. My long-time friend and master certified life coach Susan Hyatt is here with us! Susan has been coaching for a decade and has thousands of fans, including Dr. Martha Beck and Maria Shriver!

And one of the things that has won her so many fans is the fact that she walks her talk. She’s used coaching techniques to drop 35 pounds, revitalize her marriage and uplevel her career.

On today’s show we discuss a mishmash of topics including why body issues are holding women back from leading big lives, what we can do right now to make peace with our bodies and why it’s so important to take big risks!

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I was having a conversation with my friend Kate-- I’m not even sure what we were discussing and I started telling her about about how amazing it felt to finally take responsibility for my life. Let me back up…

I hit my own rock bottom in early 2007. About a year prior to that my husband had left me for another woman, and I immediately got into a new relationship. This new boyfriend ended up being a drug addict and faked cancer to cover up his addiction. Our break-up was horrible. I found myself on the floor of my apartment, crying my eyes and begging The Universe to help me. Not to spoil the story-- but the Universe did show up to help me, however there was something really important I had to do first.

See, the reason I found myself in two back-to-back messed up situations was because I made two very big mistakes in my life: 1) I looked to other people to make me happy and 2) when it didn’t work out I blamed them. For everything. My addiction to control was so strong I had unknowingly convinced myself that if only I could make other people change, I would be happy. If they would just do and be what I said, everything would be fine. Throw in some perfectionism and avoiding feeling my feelings and I was a serious mess.

But, that day when I picked myself up off the floor, I knew one thing: The only thing these situations had in common was me. My ex husband and ex boyfriend were not solely responsible for my feelings and future. Sure, what they did was lame, but I had to take total responsibility for myself. For once.

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Hey Ass kickers!

Welcome to episode 67 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! On today’s show we’re talking with the one and only Dr. Amy Johnson. Amy is a social psychologist and master certified coach who helps people see their true default nature is wellness and clarity, even when they don’t see it themselves!

Amy is also an accomplished speaker; she has been a regular guest expert on The Steve Harvey Show, and has been published often in The Wall Street Journal, SELF magazine and

During our talk today, Amy and I dialogue about all things brain-related! We discuss the remarkably simple way our brains work, why understanding that simplicity and following it leads to an easier life and the important role curiosity and suspicion play in examining our own stories and opening up to new ways of being.

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You know that person everyone falls in love with the second he or she walks into a room? He or she doesn’t necessarily have to be gorgeous, or start throwing cash around the room. No, this person just has “something” that draws others in. And you’d give your right arm to know what it is that is so super awesome about that person. She isn’t necessarily even charming or charismatic; she just seems to radiate something that is magnetic.

I’ll save you the endless nights awake trying to figure out what it is.

Truth: That person loves herself. The end.

Confidence is about believing in yourself. Self-esteem is about believing in your worth.

Self-love is both of those wrapped up into one, plus more. It’s like the perfect feast for your soul.

And at the same time, self-love can be this mysterious, elusive thing. Ask a woman what her menstrual cycle is like or how she takes her coffee and she can tell you in great detail. But ask her about self-love and you’ll probably get a blank stare.

If you’re not sure whether you love yourself, here’s a quick quiz:

Do you think you’re awesome?

Do you love yourself unconditionally? (In other words, do you put conditions on your self-love such as your weight, salary, relationship status, etc.?)

Do you go after your goals while deep down knowing you are worthy of attaining them?

If you answered “no” to any or all of these questions, we’ve got some work to do, sister!

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Hey Ass kickers!

Welcome to episode 65 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Today we’ve got a topic I’m super excited to dive into and share with you: healing through creativity.

And we have a very special guest to share her wisdom on this subject: Rachael Rice. Rachael is an artist, writer, teacher, and speaker who travels the world performing and creating non-stop like a BOSS. She believes and teaches others to express themselves, and embrace the healing that happens in the process.

On today’s show we talk about why it’s so hard for us to be still (eek!), why humans are meaning-making machines (and how to deal with it) and how to redefine and understand yourself as a creative being.

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I do my best to listen when I hear the universe speaking to me. For one, I know I was put on this earth to teach and inspire. One of those things is to teach people how to love themselves. And I’ll be honest- when I went into business for myself and followed my intuition that told me to teach about self-love, I had this belief that self-love is a hard sell. In the beginning I had this made up notion that people only wanted solutions to 3 things:

How to be thin.
How to find their soul mates.
How to have more money.

The end.

Self love didn’t fit anywhere into that equation for people looking for what made them happy. Unless I was selling those three things, I was doomed as an entrepreneur.

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Welcome to episode 63 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! I’m thrilled to bring you this episode with life coach, master communicator and my very best friend, Amy E. Smith. Amy hosts a podcast called The Joy Junkie with her hubs, Mr. Smith. On the podcast and in her business Amy helps people find their voice, and stand up for themselves (without being a dick).

I brought her on the show to talk about self-love: what it is and how to practice it no matter who you are or where you are in your life. We get into the common misconceptions and pitfalls about self-love, why loving yourself actually helps you change your life and why choosing self-love is a daily practice.

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I may very well be pissing off the personal development Gods today, but bear with me.

If you dabble in self-help at all, you’ve probably heard the advice of not taking things personally. If you’re new to this advice or need some clarification, what the message is saying is: If you take the words and actions of others personally, it’s easy to fall into the victim role, spend your life chasing approval from others, and just generally making everything about you when it isn’t. I totally get that and agree.

But, here’s what I don’t like and what I take issue with. People hear this advice and look at it as being very black or white. Either we don’t take things personally at all and feel good about ourselves, or we do take things personally and live in this hellfire and brimstone world of damnation where we are victims and prey to others. Yes, that was dramatic, but sometimes self-help can be make people feel like YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

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Hey Ass kickers!

Welcome to episode 61 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Today we’re revisiting two familiar and favorite topics: perfectionism and shame. And joining us is one of my favorite people ever - Rebecca Bass-Ching.

Rebecca is a certified Daring Way™ facilitator and consultant. She’s also a licensed marriage and family therapist with her own multi-therapist practice. I had the honor of working with her as a client while also becoming certified in The Daring Way™ and I’m thrilled she’s here for this episode.

On today’s show we dive right into the thick of it. We define what shaming is, draw the connection between perfectionism, vulnerability and shaming, and discuss how to develop and practice courage in our everyday lives.

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Self sabotage. You know what that is, right? When you want to change really bad. And you know what needs to get done in order to change. But, instead of doing what needs to get done, you do the opposite. Or nothing at all.

Here’s an example: You find out there’s a position open at work that you’re qualified for and it would be a promotion. You need to reach out to your boss to tell her you want to be considered for this.You’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and you’ll maybe send her an email at the end of the day. Next thing you know you’ve procrastinated all week and now it’s Friday, the last day to submit your interest.

So, why, why, why do we do this? I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve worked with that have had a homework assignment (that THEY have assigned to themself) and when I ask them about it later they sheepishly tell me they didn’t do it. When they had all the time and resources in the world to get it done.

WHY? Temporary insanity? Time stopped? Kidnapped by aliens?

Nope. It’s simply self sabotage. And maybe I shouldn’t say “simply”. Because sometimes it’s far from simple.

The bottom line is that self-sabotage is that it’s a way to feel safe. It happens A LOT when people realize where they are and they don’t like it, then they see what they could have if they change. Even though they want to change, the thought of going through the action of changing is too damn scary.

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In the last 5 years of YKAL, I’ve received many emails from women asking me questions...the proverbial “what is wrong with me??” (short answer- nothing.) But, they just want to stop feeling like they're feeling and start feeling better, happier, and more comfortable. We all want that, right? 

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Hey ass kickers! Ready for another episode of the YKAL podcast? I’m chatting with Christine Hassler, author of 3 books, including her latest: Expectation Hangover. Christine speaks our language, y’all! Just a bit about her background-- she  graduated from college, moved to LA, got the swanky job in Hollywood rubbing elbows with a-listers (like George Clooney- hellllooo!) and she was miserable-- even to the point of trying to talk herself into liking her job. She left, and ever since has been helping people get out of their own way to make meaningful impacts in their lives. 

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Earlier this year I was having a conversation with someone about  The Daring Way program which is an intense, 5 month 1:1 coaching program. During our conversation she’d said she wanted to go deep. She told me all the dreams she had for her life. She said she was ready to dive in.

Then she emailed me to ask about a shorter program and that she didn’t have time for the intensive work.

Then I felt my head explode.


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Hello there ass kicker!

Today’s guest on the YKAL podcast is waaaay overdue. Amy Ahlers, author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves is here to talk to us about all things inner mean girl!

We all love formulas and processes and Amy has come up with a 3-step process for transforming your inner mean girl, which she talks about in the episode. 

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Welcome to another episode of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast. Today I’ve got my first duo: Alison and Michelle of Soul Camp!


Alison is a body confidence coach with a background in communication design, nutrition and Reiki. She’s also an expert logo and brand designer for soul-centered businesses; she’s been making all the new images for this show.


Michelle grew up on a nature preserve, where her mother created and ran a spiritual retreat community. She’s long been committed to living a conscious, healthy, awakened life. She and Alison have combined their talents and passions to create Soul Camp, a multi-day and multi-night event that’s like a woo-woo sleepaway camp for grown-ups!



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I’m very excited for a SPECIAL episode of the podcast today. I’m taking a *tiny* break from talking about all things personal development and today I’m diving in to something that so many people ask me about: The business of life coaching.

My guest today is my friend Jo Casey who has a legit British accent for starters and is just amazing. Jo has been coaching for like 150 years so she really knows her stuff!

Even if you’ve for one hot second thought about becoming a life coach, this episode is for you. 


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Welcome to today’s episode of Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! We’ve got another amazing woman joining us today: Liz DiAlto of Wild Soul Movement.

Liz is an author, speaker and coach; she’s been called the love child of Danielle LaPorte, Mae West and Shakira. Her mission is to get women out of their heads and back into their bodies to connect with their powerful energy and trust their intuition. I love this episode because I find it challenging to get “into my body”. And I think most of us don’t even know what that’s like!

She brings her raw, feisty truth to the show today. We dive into what it means to get into our bodies, her five keys to accepting ourselves before improving ourselves and the art of receiving.

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Welcome to another episode of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! My friend Randi joins us to talk about the all-important topic of boundaries and how nice people set ‘em.

Randi is THE expert of experts! She’s a life coach, hard truth-talker and creative producer of products that encourage women to step into their truth, and transform their inner and interpersonal struggles. Trust me, I KNOW boundaries are difficult and we ALL struggle with them-- whether it’s family members, co-workers, or our neighbors, we could all use some help in this area, right?

On today’s show she shares with us how creating our own container of what we want in our lives sets our boundaries, what gardens have to do with boundaries and ultimately why we struggle with boundaries so much.

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Hey Ass kickers!

Welcome to another episode of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Today we’ve got the amazing, super-powered Fabeku Fatunmise. Fabeku is a one-of-a-kind coach who helps creative supernovas and forces of nature folks crank up their businesses and find their super powers.

On today’s episode we talk about the differences when we’re being big versus when we’re being small and how to shift into big, the misconception of fearlessness (ew!) and also how to find your super power.

Fabeku is like many of us: he’s dealt with perfectionism and the belief that if he wasn’t perfect, he was worthless. He says buying into this belief limits not just what we do in life, but what we believe is possible. He would know, he spent nearly three decades living as though this belief were true.

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Welcome to another episode of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! I’m so excited for you to meet our guest for today’s show, Tiffany Han. Tiffany is a business coach who helps creative women, like bloggers, graphic designers and cubicle jailbirds, take bold and inspired action. She helps her clients say YES to big things they’ve always wanted to start and to say YES to themselves! YES YES YES! Phew…got a little excited there.

On today’s episode we talk about her 100 rejection letters program, the kind of rejection you should expect when you sign up for the program, and how to set guidelines when you’re choosing an accountability partner in your life.

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Today we’ve got the talented and savvy Tonya Leigh. Tonya is a master-certified life coach who has spoken to global audiences. As the CEO of French Kiss Life, her company, she is on a mission to inspire women to cultivate lives of joie de vivre.

After you hear my very bad attempt at French, we talk about the origins of French Kiss Life; it was born out of Tonya’s experience in Paris ten years ago. She was in the Luxembourg Gardens and noticed lovers kissing (I didn’t ask if there was lots of slobbery tongue), people were strolling about and generally enjoying their lives; all of which was in direct contrast to how she felt: overwhelmed, stressed and overwrought by everything that was wrong in her life.

In that moment Tonya knew she too wanted to enjoy every day of her own life. She wanted to go after what she wanted without struggle and discomfort, instead with ease and grace and enjoyment.

She came home with the mission to seek quality and make every day as beautiful as possible, and to make the journey to the dream as beautiful as the dream itself! YAHOOOO!

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I’m so glad you’re here for another episode of Your Kick-Ass Life. Today we’ve got the fabulous Christina Dunbar. Christina is an actress, poet, activist and women’s leader. She offers programs for artists, entrepreneurs and wild women helping them take the stage and share their own soul story. She’s also the inspiration and creator behind her one-woman show, Dirty Me Divine.


Recently Christina boldly and courageously created a Kickstarter campaign to fund her show. She says it was the most vulnerable and scary thing she’s ever done!


On this episode we dive into that experience fully as well as what it means to take a stand, and why that is often difficult for women, and what steps we can take to express our unique voices.

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Today we’ve got another great guest and awesome show for you. She is a self-described “sensitive bad ass” who has made friends with fear and shares that friendship with you on her web site, Who is Ch!ck?. She is the one and only Kai Soremaken.

Kai and I have similar stories and experiences: we were both in awful relationships, and yet we both turned our lives around. For Kai the turning point was when her ex (whom she refers to as MF, I’ll let you figure out what that stands for!) held her at knifepoint for an entire evening.

With the help of a friend and Kai’s brother, she was able to get away and give herself enough space and time to rebuild her shattered self-esteem. Her MF did come back, but she had healed enough that she could say no way, and she did.

But that was just the beginning of her journey. She felt incredibly angry for the next year at her ex until she had an epiphany while at the gym. Her ah-ha moment was understanding she was responsible for her life, including being in that relationship. That was it, she was done blaming him and she took the reigns of her own well-being, healing and happiness.

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Hello Ass kickers!

I’m super excited for y’all to hear this episode with my friend and colleague Laura Probasco. Laura is a mega ass-kicker and she brings it on today’s show. Her background is in social work and play therapy and she’s well-schooled in Brené Brown’s teachings which is how we first connected.

Laura is the founder of Probasco and Associates as well as the co-founder of The Art of Play, a play therapy training program for individuals, schools and organizations. She has taken her work around the globe interacting with people from all walks of life.

On this episode we dive into topics like vulnerability hangovers, hotwiring emotional connections, and the link between isolation and perfectionism.

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Today we’ve got another great episode for you with my long-time friend and super awesome all-around woman, Kate Courageous. Kate is a coach, writer and speaker who teaches people about working with fear, how to practice with courage in the face of fear.

I brought Kate on because this topic is ever-present for most of us and something I continue to be committed to working on in my own life, and sharing that journey with all of you. Too often we think we’re being courageous by doing everything on our own and “handling” our problems by ourselves because we don’t want to bother or burden others. This is you, right? Thought so!

Although Kate now teaches that these are just voices in our heads, and we must do what’s contrary to them in order to grow. Kate teaches, and I concur, that it’s when we ask for others’ support that we are most courageous.

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Today I’ve got a truly kick ass and awesome show for you with my feisty friend Jenny Perry, author of Sexpot with Stretch Marks. Not only is she an amazing writer, she’s also a vivacious mother of 5 on the Jersey shore. On episode 43 we talk about what it means to be fulfilled versus happy, the power of your attention and why you should become your own BFF.

On the topic of fulfillment versus happiness, Jenny and I both agree they are two different states. Happiness is a fleeting emotion, often based on something external (looks, income, achievements, etc) or some sort of criteria we’ve created for ourselves. But fulfillment is a state of mind, something you feel deep in your soul and a space you can be in no matter what is happening around you.

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Thank you for joining us for episode 42. Today Matt Cooke chats with us about his secret sauce to being a boss! And that happens by unleashing the unconscious mind through meditation, failure and external environment (I thought it might be lots of mic dropping, but no). One of the things I love most about Matt is that he is very “woo” without being woo; he’s practical and gives us tips we can use today to be even better ass-kicking versions of ourselves.

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Welcome to episode 41 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast. I’m so glad you’re here, today’s guest is awesome and you’re going to love her. She is The Imperfectionista, Ms. Katie Thies. Katie is a life coach who runs online and in-person creative, hands-on workshops. Her specialty clients are the perfectionists and the co-dependents of the world. 

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Let’s talk about your negativity cleanse. Cleanse your thoughts, friends, space, and entertainment. Let’s first talk about entertainment. What are the things you see people doing in terms of entertainment that hold them back from being the best they can be?

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Ass kickers! Very happy to have Amy Smith back on the podcast to talk about something she is BRILLIANT at: Relationships. Even if you’re single, this podcast is full of great information to make small but significant changes in your relationships.

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Hey ass kickers! Meet Sas (isn’t that an awesome name!?), my friend from Down Under. She’s a coach who’s mastered the art of “thinking on purpose” and my inner-science nerd LOVES that she’s getting her PhD where her research is “a mash-up of psychology, philosophy and cognitive processing.” I get the goods on why it’s important to think on purpose, plus we discuss something ominous….BOUNDARIES!

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Hello ass kickers!  In this podcast episode, I’m taking with Ana Verzone who has been a women’s health care provider for over 14 years.  She has a special interest in women’s hormones.

These days, it seems like girls are starting to get their periods younger and women are getting cancer at an earlier age.  (Ana has survived cancer twice!)

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Tanya Geisler is on the podcast talking about the Imposter Complex, a syndrome that many of us have experience with.  She's also sharing how you can step into your starring role in your life.

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Hi ass kickers! Isabel Foxen Duke is on the podcast for the second time talking about emotional eating, a topic so many of us have experience with. She and I have similar past stories which I’m sure many of you can relate to. And, I’m very excited because Isabel has a FREE video series to help you with this! (And I got a sneak’s awesome!).

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Amy tells us her background and how she calls herself a “gold star chaser” and how she used to have fantasies of people looking at her, admiring her and asking how she does it all. Basically, she was an approval addict! It was after the sudden death of her mother made her take a look at her own life and make important changes.

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Ass kickers! Have you ever felt like you’re in a soul-sucking job and really want to get out? Or maybe you feel like your job is just kind of “meh”? Either way, you may have an inkling of something else you want to do as a career, but think it’s impossible?

If you’re totally and blissfully in love with your job, skip this podcast :) Michelle Ward, The When I Grow Up Coach is here to talk to YOU!

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Kira Sabin is back again on the YKAL podcast! I brought her back to talk about “The Evolved Relationship”. So...what the hell is that?

Basically, Kira talks about what we grew up with as our models of relationships and marriage, and how that’s shaped us, AND what to do with it now.

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Hello ass kickers! This podcast is specifically for busy women-- and what woman isn’t busy these days? Whether you’re a stay at home mom with little ones, or a career woman, I know you’re busy! And most of us have a value around being healthy...but for many it’s that thing that falls off our plate. I wanted to have you on to talk about HOW (and simply) to make changes in our lives that can be lasting.

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Another amazing edition of the YKAL podcast is upon us! I’m here with Sally Hope, founder of The Wildheart Revolution. I love Sally’s take on life and I’m sure you will too.

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Ass kickers, get ready because this is one topic I’ve not only never heard of until recently, but not one that I would think would be so awesome. Joanne Amaya Cohen is my guest and she is an expert on balancing your hormones and flower essences. What are flower essences you say? Well, you’re about to find out.

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Brooke Castillo is on the podcast today! I can’t believe it’s taken me 28 episodes to get her on here. Listen in and you’ll hear why I’m so happy to share her wisdom with y’all today. She’s an expert on changing your thoughts to create the life you want to live and you’ll LOVE her no-holds-barred way of thinking and sharing her gems of insight!

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Ass kickers! Truth: Up until the last few years, I didn’t really know what it took to be a really good friend. Looking back, there were many times when I acted selfishly and I just didn’t know from a practical standpoint how to nurture meaningful friendships. In my 20’s it was mostly about partying and just having a good time, but when I reached my 30’s things shifted and I realized I wanted to work on being a really good friend.

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Many of you probably hear me mention Jeanna Gabellini, my former coach, the one who taught me how to leverage the law of attraction in my life and business. I’m thrilled to have her on the YKAL podcast talking about the LOA and MONEY. Who doesn’t want to manifest more money in their life, right? And Jeanna has graciously gifted us her new book in digital format for FREE! In this podcast you’ll hear:

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Ass kickers! Lori Fields joins the podcast today talkin’ bout all things WORTHINESS! Lori is a dear friend of mine and I’m ecstatic for you to meet her.

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I’m PUMPED (I don’t use that word enough. I should use it more) to bring you my new friend Jenny G Perry today as we talk about self love, the myth of “thin = happy”, and jumping into spirituality. I just LOVE Jenny and I’m sure you will too!

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Ass kickers! Another content packed podcast is here for you. I’ve chosen Dr. Danielle Dowling as my sidekick today and we’re talking self-sabotage.

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What’s up, ass kickers!! I have done it again…I have found another soul sister, Trish Blackwell. Trish and I have a very common story so I knew I wanted to get the scoop on how she went from high-achieving junkie/disordered eating/perfectionistic control freak, to the awesome woman and coach she is today. I asked her how she healed and much more.

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I suppose love is in the air this January, because here is yet another episode talking about it! My friend and colleague Kira Sabin is a coach for (adventurous) singles, and today we’re dishing about common, age-old love advice that just simply sucks and isn’t true. Kira is even more irreverent than me, so you’re in for a special treat!

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Hi ass kickers!
In this new episode I talk about something I’ve never discussed before in detail: Marriage. More specifically, what works and what doesn’t.
My guest is the fun-loving and whip-smart Josh Becker of i simply am.

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The other day I was talking to my friend Molly, and she mentioned “Nicole from ‘A Life Less Bullshit’” and my first thought was “How do I not know this Nicole person!?” So quickly I found her, emailed her and thought she was so awesome I had to have her on my podcast.

Nicole is passionate about fitness and with the new year coming up, I thought it would be perfect to talk about fitness. So, let’s get physical, ass kickers!

- See more at:

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This episode is two-fold: An update on those of you following the whole book publishing journey and help people with BIG fear. This book has been one the most fearful goals I have ever embarked on and has brought up a whole new array of fears. In this podcast I talk candidly about it and how I’m getting through it. - See more at:

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Brand new podcast! I had a woman write in looking for help in her life. Here’s what she said:

“At 42, I feel I’m on the verge of good things, finally discovering the true me, ditching the people pleasing and following the herd, but may be stuck or blocked in some ways and have fears and comfort zones that keep me in the same spot.”

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I’m so excited to have a podcast especially dedicated to coaches! My first guest on this topic is Becca Tracey of The Uncaged Life. Becca and I spend nearly an hour having an honest conversation about the coaching business. Mistakes we made, the things that worked, and just great content that will surely help your coaching business.

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Lauryn Ballesteros is my guest today and I’m honored to now call her my friend.

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Kate Courageous joins the YKAL podcast!

I’ve watched Kate from afar for a while now…like when you’re in high school it’s one of those, look at that really pretty, smart, kind girl that knows everyone. So, I did some internet stalking (as we all do) and was SO hoping she wasn’t going to talk about how to get rid of fear. Please, please, please! And what I found was that she is AWESOME and no, doesn’t talk about kicking fears ass, but instead talks about understanding fear and having a better relationship with it. From Kate’s website: “Your Courageous Life sounds the call for you to revolutionize your life from within through practicing courage. Kate defines courage as: feeling afraid, diving in anyway, and transforming.

So, I knew I HAD to speak to this woman.

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