Make Some Noise with Andrea Owen

Sex educator and pleasure coach Whitni Miller joins me for a conversation about intimacy, relationships, and sex. When I decided to create a theme around women’s health, Whitni was one of the several guests I was hoping would say yes to being a guest. And, she did! Whitni focuses on maximizing female pleasure through self-work and relational communication, which you’ll hear about in this episode. 

We also discuss: 

  • The biggest reason heterosexual couples stop having sex (5:33)
  • Where to start if you and your partner know you’re having intimacy issues (10:17)
  • Top 3 reasons why women lose their sexual desire and what women can do to increase their sex drive (14:55)
  • How arousal works and can it really be turned on and off like a light switch? (27:42)
  • Some ways couples can make sex more playful (32:43)
  • Breath work and its impact on sexual pleasure (35:18)

If you missed the announcement, an updated and revised edition of my book How to Stop Feeling Like Shit is coming in December! 🎉  We have some amazing bonuses and giveaways planned, so head over HERE to pre-order and grab those!


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This week we are talking about periods and women’s health!  Dr. Saru Bala joins me to talk about what’s normal when it comes to period pain, what we are supposed to track (and why), what causes PMS, and more! 

Dr. Bala is a licensed naturopathic doctor specializing in women's hormonal health. As I mentioned in a previous episode, I believe that if we don’t have our physical health together, it is really hard to focus on our mental health. I hope you enjoy this episode and my conversation with Dr. Bala!!

Oh and in case you missed it, an updated and revised edition of my book How to Stop Feeling Like Shit is coming in December! 🎉  We have some amazing bonuses and giveaways planned, so head over HERE to pre-order and grab those! 

Some of the topics Dr. Bala and I discuss in this episode include: 

  • What is normal in terms of period pain, cramps, and bloating (4:01)
  • The causes of PMS and why women have it worse than others (14:48)
  • The main things that women should track for their period (20:41)
  • Some of the effects of birth control on women’s health and bodies and why Dr. Bala doesn’t like the idea of using birth control for the treatment of hormonal or health issues (22:41)


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Hi! So, I’ve been keeping a huge secret. And that secret is that How to Stop Feeling Like Shit has been updated and is being RE-RELEASED next month! 🎉🎉🎉

The original version came out in 2018 and a lot has happened since then, am I right? The civil unrest of 2020, COVID-19, and a bigger conversation around toxic positivity left me itching to update our beloved HTSFLS, so when I asked the publisher…they said YES! 

Every chapter has updates and I can’t wait for you to read them (or listen, if you prefer audiobook, which yes, those updates will be in the audiobook too)! 

We have some amazing bonuses and giveaways planned, so head over HERE to pre-order and grab those! I’d be honored if you were one of the FIRST to purchase this new updated version, which will ship on or around December 27th. 

In this minisode, I talk about the origins of the book, the journey this book has been on over the last half-decade, and what you can expect in this new version. Oh, and I tell you all about the BONUSES! 

Thank you so much for listening and supporting HTSFLS!


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This week I am talking with author and business coach Jadah Sellner about detoxing from hustle culture, building and creating friendships, and reducing stress in the form of self-care.  

Jadah is a bestselling author, business coach, international keynote speaker, TEDx presenter, poet, and host of the Lead with Love® podcast. She's also the author of SHE BUILDS: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life.  

Book Giveaway 📖 I am also doing a book giveaway! I am giving away one copy of Jadah’s latest book, She Builds! Head over to my Instagram account (@heyandreaown) to find the post about this episode and join the giveaway conversation. 

Other topics in this episode include:

  • What prompted Jadah to write about hustle culture and she shares her thoughts on detoxing from it (3:38)
  • Your support squad: how to build consistency around maintaining friends and friendships (11:43)
  • Tools and strategies to help you feel less stressed or exhausted. Plus, rethinking the way we view self-care (39:23)
  • 10-seconds of bravery: what is that one uncomfortable thing you need to do to get closer to the thing you want? (48:12)


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Kim Vopni, The Vagina Coach, joins me to talk about women’s pelvic health. Kim is a self-professed kegel maven and a certified fitness professional who became passionate about spreading information on pelvic health after the birth of her first child. 

So, you may be wondering why we’re talking about things like vaginas and pelvic floors on a personal development podcast. Well, it is my belief that if your physical health is suffering, you won’t be able to appropriately focus on doing the hard work of personal development. But, if this isn’t your jam, don’t worry, we’ll be back to good old-fashioned self-help very soon! 

We explore ways to overcome pelvic floor dysfunction, and vaginal dryness, and why we must normalize the conversation around talking about pelvic health. Some of the other topics in this episode include:

  • Kim answers, “Is it an overactive bladder or something else?” (8:56)
  • Pelvic organ prolapse: what it is, its symptoms, and healing (15:00)
  • Is it true that as we age we lose elastin in our vaginal walls? (20:38)
  • What causes vaginal dryness and how we can keep things moisturized (31:55)
  • Why doing Kegels are important and when women should start doing them (38:59)

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I’ve been open and fully transparent about my journey with aging. It–  like most things in personal growth–  has not been linear, but a roller coaster of emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. I love that some women feel so empowered and embrace it, and it’s not that I’m fighting it…but why is no one talking about the in-between place? The bridge we walk along as we walk towards that empowerment place? 

In this sixteen-minute minisode, you’ll hear me talk about this; it’s what I brought to my therapist last week. You’ll also hear a conclusion I came to that goes right along with some advice I gave my middle school daughter.


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The women’s health theme continues this week with guest Liz Tenuto who specializes in somatic healing for women. She's helped many women recover from trauma and injury for the last fourteen years. 

In this episode, we talk about how trauma is stored in the body and its effects physiologically, what you should never do when healing trauma, and some signs that you actually are healing. I loved this conversation and hope you do too! 

Some of the topics we explore:

  • How trauma manifests in the body and its effects physiologically (8:52)
  • Targeting the root cause or area of your body in order to release the trauma (14:23)
  • The three things that you should never do while healing from trauma (17:50)
  • Physical signs that you are actually healing (32:16)
  • How somatics help when healing from trauma (40:16)


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